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作者: g1214436    時間: 2014-4-21 20:50     標題: AFL

剛剛又玩了一下 篩選器~這個保險公司好像不錯

上網做了一下末� 這間保險公司主要收入有 75% 來自於日本

而且日本大約有 25%的民眾 買他們家的保險 $__$

而且 2011~2012年 核災地震的賠償狀況下 還有 EPS 4.2/6.1

更是 118 /500 大的企業唷~~
不知道有沒有在日本的同學 可以分享一些其他資料麼 ^^

作者: 多米尼克    時間: 2014-4-22 13:39

作者: mikeon88    時間: 2018-1-12 23:33

Aflac (NYSE:AFL) has exploited workers, manipulated its accounting, and deceived shareholders and customers, according to nine former employees," reports David Dayen at The Intercept.
• The story is based on interviews with current and former employees, as well as three lawsuits, says Doyen, with the lawsuits already leading to a number of regulatory investigations. Management and the board, says Doyen, have known about the issues for more than a year, but have disclosed little-to-nothing to shareholders.
• Among the charges are Wells Fargo-like dealings in which employees - under major pressure to hit targets - resort to unauthorized sales. And that's just the start. Further reading makes the company sound a bit pyramid schemish, with salespeople encouraged to boost income by recruiting more people into the company.
• Dayen takes note of June's abrupt resignation of President Paul Amos II, the founder's grandson, and the sale of half of his holdings just days after. Over the last year, insiders have sold 2.182M shares of Aflac, while purchasing 481K.
• Shares down 3.15% in active early trading.
作者: mikeon88    時間: 2018-1-13 06:24


• "Recent media stories regarding Aflac (NYSE:AFL) contain false allegations made by a very small group of independent contractors," says the company. The claims, says Aflac - insider trading, fraudulent sales and financial manipulation, among them - have been internally investigated and found without merit.
• Shares are a bit off their lows, but still down 7.7% on the day.
• Source: Press Release
• The pullback is overdone, says Evercore, calling The Intercept's news report "filled with hyperbole."
作者: Raimu    時間: 2018-1-13 10:34

作者: mikeon88    時間: 2018-1-13 10:42

作者: Raimu    時間: 2018-2-14 17:04

AFL splits

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