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夹肈: ň╰参 [ゴセ]

: kaka    丁: 2018-10-20 17:28     夹肈: ň╰参

Orient Corporation (ら 8585) ň╰参

Orient Corporation started off as an aspirant company in 1996 to become a Premium Global Manufacturing Company. Living up to our brand promise, our business has been operating for 20 years and still counting. Now Orient Corporation is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Orient Clean Agent Fire Suppressions Systems. Our organization specializes in industrial and corporate solutions for fire protection against the worldˇs most priceless and substantial assets.

Since 1996, we have built our companyˇs vision alongside with our global network of manufacturers, Research & Development associates, and our customers in order to ensure that their requirements of timely supply of high-performance products in increasingly competitive environments are met. In order to achieve this goal, Orient Corporation has made partnerships to establish manufacturing facilities in the United States, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Singapore. Through all of these, we have created our very own success story.

Orient Corporation Clean Agent Fire Suppressions Systems is largely used in industrial and commercial areas to prevent loss of lives, protect valuable assets, ensure continuity of business and at the same time be kind to our ever changing environment/climate. Orientˇs Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems are supported with a strong team of R&D Engineers located in our United States, China and Singapore facility to conduct fire tests and various tests required for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listing and Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals
Todayˇs safety industry is becoming increasingly competitive and what more than an increasing demand for automatic fire suppressions systems which deal with fire effectively. Most of the time due to fires, businesses cannot continue with the operations, and the business downtime causes financial and goodwill loss.

Orient Corporation believes that it is in the best interests of every consumer to provide safety and assurance to our customers in the swiftest and effective way possible. Year after year, our system will eventually become even more competitive and better in the market, so the need for effective fire protection systems will surely be in demand.

Our qualified team of engineers has expertise in both electrical and mechanical engineering, which will ensure successful product development. We strongly believe this will prove to be a very worthwhile and profitable investment in the future of fire protection. Time and time again, we have proven that our operations are simple & effective. Our result is a system that provides many advantages over other firefighting systems in the market. Orient Clean Agent Fire Suppressions Systems is the sure solution of a very effective firefighting tool.

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