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標題: BIIB 阿茲海默症二期試驗效果顯著 [打印本頁]

作者: mikeon88    時間: 2018-7-6 15:25     標題: BIIB 阿茲海默症二期試驗效果顯著


Biogen (NASDAQ:BIIB) +6.4% after-hours on news that the final analysis of a Phase 2 clinical study of an Alzheimer’s drug developed with Japanese partner Eisai (OTCPK:ESALF, OTCPK:ESALY) showed positive results.
• The companies say the study achieved statistical significance on key predefined endpoints evaluating efficacy at 18 months on slowing progression in early Alzheimer’s disease and on reduction of amyloid accumulated in the brain.
• The trial of the BAN2401 drug involved 856 patients with early Alzheimer’s disease and five dose regimens, with the highest dose beginning to show statistically significant clinical benefit as early as six months.

作者: Joe    時間: 2018-7-6 17:55

盤前漲 14%

作者: kandv124    時間: 2018-7-6 18:30

這個消息 !

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