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標題: 英國..保險..Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc ( 英國 JLT,美股 LLTHF ) [打印本頁]

作者: kaka    時間: 2018-1-16 22:55     標題: 英國..保險..Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc ( 英國 JLT,美股 LLTHF )

英國..保險..Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc ( 英國 JLT,美股 LLTHF )

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc, also known as JLT Group or simply JLT, is a British multinational corporation that has its headquarters in London, England.

It provides insurance, reinsurance, employment benefits advice and brokerage services, and it is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Our HistoryJardine Insurance Brokers was formed by Jardine Matheson many years ago and subsequently became a listed company in which Jardine Matheson retained a majority interest.

JLT was created in 1997 when Jardine Insurance Brokers plc merged with Lloyd Thompson Group plc.

As a consequence of that transaction, Jardine Matheson retained a shareholding of 30% in the merged business. In 2011 Jardine Matheson increased its shareholding in JLT from 30% to 40%.

Jardine Matheson has been a long-term shareholder and supporter of JLT and has played a important part in the success of JLT particularly in Asia where its reputation and local knowledge are of great value.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc (JLT) is a provider of insurance, reinsurance and employee benefits related advice, brokerage and associated services.

The Company operates through three segments: Risk & Insurance, Employee Benefits, and Head Office & Other operations.

The Risk & Insurance segment consists of JLT's global specialist, wholesale, reinsurance broking, personal lines, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) activities. The Employee Benefits segment consists of pension administration, outsourcing and employee benefits consultancy, healthcare and wealth management activities. The Head Office & Other segment consists mainly of holding companies, central administration functions and investments in associates. It provides a range of services to clients and insurance market counterparties in areas, such as captive management, claims management and administration, and capital raising and corporate insurance advice.

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英國..集團股..Jardine Matheson Holdings 怡和洋行(英國 JAR,新加坡 J36,美股 JMHLY)
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