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標題: 醫療設備與醫療耗材股 [打印本頁]

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  1. 美國BD公司
  2. 碧迪醫療是一家研發、生產和銷售醫療設備,醫療系統和試劑的醫療技術公司。 BD公司於1897年在紐約成立,總部位於美國紐澤西州的富蘭克林湖,業務遍及全球。 公司的業務可分為BD醫療、BD診斷和BD生物科學三大類。生產銷售包括醫用耗材、實驗室儀器、抗體、試劑、診斷等產品。維基百科
  3. 股價BDX (NYSE) $113.71 -1.48 (-1.28%)
    9月12日 下午4:01 GMT-4 - 免責聲明
  4. 成立於1897 年,美國紐澤西州東盧瑟福
  5. 總部南非紐澤西州美國紐澤西州

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Covidien Public Limited Company is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of healthcare products for use in clinical and home settings. The Company operates its businesses through three segments: Medical Devices, which includes the development, manufacture and sale of endomechanical instruments, energy devices, soft tissue repair products, vascular products, oximetry and monitoring products, airway and ventilation products and other medical products; Pharmaceuticals, which includes the development, manufacture and distribution of specialty pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, contrast products and radiopharmaceuticals., and Medical Supplies, which includes the development, manufacture and sale of nursing care products, medical surgical products, SharpSafety products and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. In August 2014, the Company acquired Reverse MedicalCorporation. In August 2014, the Company acquired Sapheon Inc.

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Johnson & Johnson is a holding company. The Company is engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of a broad range of products in the health care field. The business of Johnson & Johnson is conducted by more than 275 operating companies located in 60 countries, including the United States, which sell products in virtually all countries throughout the world. In March 2013, Johnson & Johnson's Cordis Corporation announced the acquisition of Flexible Stenting Solutions, Inc. In June 2013, Johnson & Johnson announced the opening of the Johnson & Johnson Innovation center in Boston. In July 2014, Johnson & Johnson completed the divestiture of Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics business to Carlyle Group.
  1. 嬌生公司

  2. 嬌生公司是美國一家醫療保健產品、醫療器材及藥廠的製造商,成立於1886年,全球總部位於美國紐澤西州的新布朗斯維克。嬌生集團由全球超過250家的子公司組成,其產品銷售遍及170多個國家。 嬌生也是道瓊斯工業指數的成份股之一,也是財富500強的一員。 維基百科

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  1. 美敦力

  2. 美敦力公司,簡稱美敦力,總部設於美國明尼蘇達州的明尼阿波利斯,是世界最大的醫療科技公司之一,主要為慢性疾病患者提供終身治療方案。在2011年財富500強企業排名158。 美敦力由Earl Bakken和他的姐夫Palmer Hermundslie在1949年於明尼阿波利斯創立。 維基百科

Medtronic, Inc. (Medtronic) is a medical technology company. The Company provides products and therapies for use by medical professionals to meet the healthcare needs of their patients. Its primary products include those for cardiac rhythm disorders, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, spinal conditions and musculoskeletal trauma, urological and digestive disorders, and ear, nose, and throat and diabetes conditions. Medtronic operates through three segments that manufacture and sells device-based medical therapies. Its operating segments are Cardiac and Vascular Group, which consists of Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management (CRDM), Coronary, Structural Heart and Endovascular; Restorative Therapies Group, which consists of Spine, Neuromodulation and Surgical Technologies, and Diabetes Group. In January 2014, the Company acquired TYRX, Inc. In July 2014, it acquired Visualase, Inc. Effective August 27, 2014, the Company acquired the remaining 70% interest in NGC Medical SpA.

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St. Jude Medical, Inc. (St. Jude) develops, manufactures and distributes cardiovascular medical devices. Its principal products in each therapy area are: Cardiac Rhythm Management - tachycardia implantable cardioverter defibrillator systems (ICDs) and bradycardia pacemaker systems (pacemakers); Cardiovascular - vascular products, which include vascular closure products, pressure measurement guidewires, optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging products, vascular plugs and other vascular accessories, and structural heart products, which include heart valve replacement and repair products and structural heart defect devices; Atrial Fibrillation - electrophysiology (EP) introducers and catheters, advanced cardiac mapping, navigation and recording systems and ablation systems, and Neuromodulation - neurostimulation products. In August 2014, the Company acquired privately held NeuroTherm, Inc., a manufacturer of interventional pain management therapies.

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Edwards Lifesciences is a medical equipment company specializing in artificial heart valves and hemodynamicmonitoring. It is mostly known for a transcatheter aortic heart valve made of bovine tissue within a collapsible stainless-steel stent, deployed via catheter.[1] Their SAPIEN product is an FDA-approved device for percutaneous aortic valve replacement.[2] It is publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol EW.

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Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (Intuitive) designs, manufactures and markets da Vinci Surgical Systems and related instruments and accessories. A da Vinci Surgical System consists of a surgeon’s console, a patient-side cart and a high performance vision system. The da Vinci Surgical System translates a surgeon’s natural hand movements, which are performed on instrument controls at a console, into corresponding micro-movements of instruments positioned inside the patient through small incisions, or ports. The da Vinci Surgical System is designed to provide its operating surgeon with intuitive control, range of motion, fine tissue manipulation capability and three dimensional (3-D), high-definition (HD) vision while simultaneously allowing the surgeon to work through the small ports of MIS. In January 2014, Luna Innovations Inc announced the sale of its shape-sensing technology for medical applications to Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

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Smith & Nephew plc is a global medical devices business operating in the markets for orthopaedic reconstruction and trauma, endoscopy (which includes arthroscopic procedures referred to as sports medicine) and advanced wound management. It operates in three segments: Orthopaedics, Endoscopy and Advanced Wound Management. It operates on a worldwide basis and has distribution channels in over 90 countries. Orthopaedic reconstruction implants include hip, knee and shoulder joints, as well as ancillary products, such as bone cement and mixing systems used in cemented reconstruction joint surgery. Endoscopy business develops and commercialises endoscopic (minimally invasive surgery) techniques, educational programmes and services. Advanced Wound Management business offers a range of products from initial wound bed preparation through to full wound closure. In May 2012, it acquired Kalypto Medical, Inc. In May 2014, the Company acquired ArthroCare Corporation.

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Sonova (Sonova Holding AG) – till 31 July 2007 Phonak (Phonak Holding AG) – is aSwiss company that specializes in hearing and wireless systems. Sonova develops and markets hearing care solutions in two segments, hearing aids and cochlea implants. The group operates through its core business brands Phonak, Unitron, Advanced Bionics and Connect Hearing.
On August 1, 2007 Phonak AG officially changed its name to Sonova Holding AG.

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DENTSPLY International Inc. (DENTSPLY) is a designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of a range of dental products. The Company operates in four segments, all of which are primarily engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of dental products in four principal categories: dental consumables, dental laboratory products, dental specialty products and consumable medical device products. DENTSPLY conducts its business in over 120 foreign countries, principally through its foreign subsidiaries. It operates in Canada, the European market, which includes Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. It also has a market presence in Central and South America, South Africa and Pacific Rim. It has also established marketing activities in Moscow, Russia. On August 31, 2011, the Company acquired Astra Tech AB. In November 2013, the Company acquired QAHR, a direct dental selling organization with headquarters in Hong Kong and operations also in mainland China.

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. 的主要手工具競爭對手!也生產醫材!

The Danaher Corporation is a large American global active company headquartered inWashington, D.C., United States. Its products are concentrated in the fields of design, manufacture, and marketing of industrial and consumer products. It operates in Five segments: Test & measurement, Dental, Industrial Technologies, Life Science & Diagnostics and Environmental

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五鼎生物技術股份有限公司於86年12月2日創設於新竹科學工業園區,公司定位為專業生物科技研發、製造及行銷之高科技公司,產品以醫療保健,藥物、食品等產業為主,環保等為輔。 目前已生產成功之生化血糖測試儀、尿酸測試儀及其測試片,專為糖尿病患、痛風病患個人及護理人員方便使用,與全球同步運用最先進之生物感測技術研製成功之生化血糖測試儀、尿酸測試儀及其測試片系統。

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2.全球人工牙根龍頭為瑞典廠Nobel Biocare,第二名則為瑞士Straumann,2010年兩者市佔率約60%,2011年在其他廠商切入下,市佔率降至40%。其餘三~五名為Dentsply、Bivmet及Zimmer。
Nobel  Biocare母公司Nobel Biocare Holding AG的股票在SWX瑞士證交所和瑞典的斯德哥爾摩北歐證交所上市。

id4eric2 發表於 2014-1-19 23:15  

Nobel Biocare Holding AG的股票在SWX瑞士证交所==>NOBN

Nobel Biocare Holding AG Unsponsored ADR (OP:NBHGY)


順便   請問OP是啥 ??

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joe (宥聰) 發表於 2014-1-20 09:31  

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張貼者: 洪瑞泰 (Michael On) 於 下午5:14

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The William Demant Holding Group develops, manufactures and sells products and equipment designed to aid the hearing and communication of individuals. The Group focuses on three business activities: Hearing Devices, Diagnostic Instruments and Personal Communication. Group companies collaborate in many areas and to a wide extent also share resources and technologies.

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Coloplast is an international company that develops, manufactures and markets medical devices and services related to ostomy, urology, continence, and wound care.TypeTraded asIndustryFoundedHeadquartersKey peopleProductsRevenueOperating incomeProfitTotal assetsTotal equityEmployeesWebsite
Publicly traded Aktieselskab
Health care
Humlebak, Denmark
Lars Rasmussen (President and CEO), Michael Pram Rasmussen (Chairman)
Ostomy bags, continence products, urology products,wound dressings
DKK 10.17 billion(2010/2011)[1]
DKK 2.581 billion(2010/2011)[1]
DKK 1.819 billion(2010/2011)[1]
DKK 9.218 billion (September 2011)[1]
DKK 4.478 billion (September 2011)[1]
7,330 (FTE, average 2010/2011)[1]

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  1. 邁瑞醫療國際有限公司

  2. 邁瑞醫療國際有限公司是中國最大的醫療器械製造商, 發展、製造、銷售各種醫療器械、設備、人類和獸類醫用附屬設備。公司現由三個產品類別部門構成:病人監護與生命維持、體外診斷產品和醫療成像系統。 除了在深圳內外的設施外,邁瑞在中國及世界各地都有大量辦事處,其北美總部在紐澤西州的莫瓦。 維基百科

深圳 (1991)
全球信賴的邁瑞(A Global Partner You Can Rely On)
$634,200,000 (2009)
Datascope Patient Monitors
美國食品藥品監督管理局註冊號Template:FDA CDRH reg list DB search linkTemplate:FDA CDRH reg list DB search linkTemplate:FDA CDRH reg list DB search link
Mindray Medical International Limited (Mindray International), is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices worldwide. The Company operates in three segments: patient monitoring and life support products, in-vitro diagnostic products and medical imaging systems. The Company provides after-sales services to distributors and hospitals in China through 32 local offices based in provincial capital cities. It also provides after-sales services to hospitals in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. In addition, the Company provides after-sales service to its international customers through its distribution channel where it does not engage in direct sales activities. In July 2013, Mindray Medical International Ltd completed the acquisition of ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc.

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C. R. Bard, Inc., now branded simply as Bard, is a manufacturer of medical equipment headquartered inMurray Hill, New Jersey, USA, and active worldwide. An S&P 500 company with approximately 11,000 employees in 2009, Bard specializes in the manufacture of vascular, urology, oncology and surgical specialty products. Bard is perhaps best known for having introduced the Foley catheter in 1934.[citation needed] In 2013, Bard began negotiations to settle nearly 30,000 legal claims related to implantable vaginal meshes made by the company.[4]TypeTraded asFoundedFoundersHeadquartersArea servedKey peopleRevenueOperating incomeNet incomeTotal assetsTotal equityEmployeesWebsite
S&P 500 Component
Charles Russell Bard
Murray Hill, New Jersey, U.S.
Timothy M. Ring
(Chairman) & (CEO)
US$2.72B (FY 2010)[1]
US$730M (FY 2010)[1]
US$509M (FY 2010)[1]
US$3.17B (FY 2010)[2]
US$1.63B (FY 2010)[2]
11,000 (2009) [3]

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About Roper Industries
Roper Industries (NYSE:ROP) is a diversified technology company that manufactures and markets products in a variety of -- in their words -- "niche markets." Roper has its headquarters in Sarasota, Florida and at the end of 2013 employed nearly 10,000 people, including 7,000 within the United States.

Roper's strategy is to use high operating margins and the free cash flow from its existing businesses to acquire companies that will produce additional cash flow. The company considers its management tools and governance processes as key to improving the operational execution of its businesses. In addition to acquiring businesses that produce large free cash flow, Roper seeks to improve operating margins by incorporating its governance processes into the business practices of the acquired company.

Roper has four distinct business segments covering a variety of markets:

Industrial Technology: This segment produces fluid handling pumps, leak testing equipment, flow measurement and metering equipment, and water meter products and systems. Applications include pumps for energy, water and industrial uses, and valves for food storage and processing facilities.
Energy Systems & Controls: This segment is responsible for manufacturing control systems, fluid testing equipment, industrial valves and controls and vibration sensors and non-destructive inspection and measurement products and solutions. These products are used for safety shutoff valves for oil, gas & industrial applications, testing systems and software for nuclear power plants, and control software used in energy applications.

Medical & Scientific Imaging: Products from this segment include software for medical applications, high performance digital imaging products and software, and handheld and vehicle-mount computers. Uses include patient positioning devices for medical imaging and oncology applications, and cameras and accessories for microscopy and spectroscopy uses.

RF Technology: This segment is responsible for producing radio frequency identification (RFID) communications technology and software used in toll and traffic systems, and security and access control systems. Other applications include rail, and asset and freight tracking.

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Computer Programs and Systems (NASDAQ:CPSI) is the leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) systems for hospitals. The company has over 30 years of experience in the community and rural hospital markets for healthcare IT and has a leading position in its market. The company focuses on EHRs, order processing, documentation, and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).
OutlookCPSI's business has benefited strongly from government action over the past few years. First, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) both increased compliance requirements for electronic healthcare records and provided funding subsidies to help healthcare organizations attain IT products and services. Hospitals are mandated to meet ARRA's compliance requirements and simultaneously incentivized to invest in health care IT to qualify for stimulus, totaling $831 million.
More recently, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (popularly called Obamacare) required digitization and electronic availability of patient records. As a leader in small/midsize markets, CPSI is in a strong position to benefit from these additional requirements put on health care providers.
The political outlook for Obamacare may still be debated, as some Republicans continue to talk about repeal, but the desirability of electronic health records is not a partisan lightning rod. There is widespread acceptance that modernizing healthcare and bringing it into the digital age is not just desirable, but imperative. While the EHR industry has done well from Washington's initiatives since 2009, it does not seem likely that a change of control in Congress or the White House would spell doom for the industry. The growth of EHR systems will continue long term.
CPSI is the industry leader in the small hospital space. It has been the top-ranked EHR vendor for hospitals of 100 beds or less for the past four years. Chief Financial Officer David Dye recently commented during the CPSI Q4 2013 earnings conference call that he saw no new entrants into the market. CPSI has seen five- and 10-year compounded annual growth rates in revenues of approximately 10.9% and 9.5%, respectively. The company has momentum and its strong leading position in a growth market points to sustainable growth going forward.
In the current economic landscape, hospitals are more targeted in their capital spending. CPSI's systems are an effective investment because of the efficiencies they create and the cash flows they can generate. The accounts receivable chart for CPSI below shows how solidly sales have held up through the economic downturn, with an uptick recently as medical centers gear up for Obamacare. Small hospitals need these systems more than ever and for some they may even be a matter of survival.

Source: Zacks Research System, Zacks Investment Research, Inc.

CPSI currently trades at $62, and at the low end of its historical P/E of 22. It has a low beta of 0.42 and zero debt. Margins continue to be strong on both a gross and net basis.

Source: Zacks Research System, Zacks Investment Research, Inc.

Free cash flow has been consistent and growing:

Source: Zacks Research System, Zacks Investment Research, Inc.
Over the last five years, dividend has been consistent:

Source: Zacks Research System, Zacks Investment Research, Inc.
RisksSummaryBHWM Asset Management holds a long position in CPSI in both its Small Cap and All Cap portfolios. We consider it a high-quality, sustainable growth stock in an industry which can only grow. There is also a steady dividend, equating currently to just over 3.5%. We also see the possibility of a future buyout. At a $726 million market cap, CPSI may be a big player in its niche but in the wider healthcare IT industry it is a digestible acquisition for larger players, and an attractive one in our view.

McKesson Corporation distributes pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and healthcare information technology that make healthcare safer while reducing costs.

Cerner Corp is a supplier of health care information technology, and offers a range of software, professional services, medical device integration, remote hosting and employer health and wellness services.

Quality Systems Inc develops and markets healthcare information systems that automate certain aspects of medical and dental practices, networks of practices, ambulatory care centers, community health centers and medical and dental schools.

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請問同學如何知道哪些公司有作醫美儀器嗎? 發現即使在台灣.醫美診所生意都很好..很想投資這產業,但不知歐美股有那些這樣的好公司?請問同學有涉獵嗎?
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紐西蘭 , 醫療設備

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp Ltd (NZE:FPH , OTCMKTS:FSPKF)

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited designs, manufactures and markets products and systems for use in respiratory care, acute care and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

The Company's product range includes accessories, breathing circuits, chambers, humidifiers, infant resuscitators, infant warmers, interfaces, masks, nasal cannula, software/data management and surgical products.

It offers products in three product groups: respiratory and acute care (RAC), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and distributed and other. In addition, the Company offers hardware and consumables.

It offers consumables and accessories, such as breathing circuits, chambers, nasal cannulas and masks. The Company operates in four segments: New Zealand, North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Its products are sold in around 120 countries. The Company sells its products to hospitals, homecare providers and other manufacturers of medical devices.

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Ansell Limited (ASX:ANN) 澳洲 , 防護手套及工作服裝

Ansell Corporate                 

Ansell is a global leader in protection solutions. Ansell designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of hand and arm protection solutions, clothing and condoms. Industrial workers, healthcare professionals and patients, and consumers around the world invariably associate Ansell with premium quality, optimal protection and superior comfort.

Ansell's vision is to create a world where people and products enjoy optimal protection against the risks to which they are exposed. People, be it at work or during their leisure time, require the right protection solution for the right application. After all, what better guarantee is there for increased safety, security and productivity than through adequate protection. During the manufacturing process, products need to be handled guaranteeing their optimal protection, so they meet or exceed the quality requirements described in manufacturing processes.

To make our vision come true, we have developed an
approach that relies on three main pillars:
Technological leadership, Ongoing dialogue , Strong global presence
Areas of expertise around which Ansell is organized are four Global Business Units. Each GBU serves unique and different markets, but what connects all four is : the focus on protection, comfort and quality, combined with a never-ending quest for innovation.
Years of experienceEver since its foundation, over 100 years ago, Ansell has been expanding and strengthening its position to become a global player in the four main business segments where protection is provided:

Industrial Solutions: Ansell’s Industrial Global Business Unit manufactures and markets high-performance, multi-use protection solutions specific for hand, foot, and body protection, for a wide-range of Industrial applications. Ansell protects workers and products around the world in almost every industry including: Automotive, Chemical, Metal Fabrication, Machinery & Equipment, Food, Services and Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Do-it-Yourself, Janitorial/Sanitation, Military, First Responders, and Household Goods.

Medical Solutions: Ansell’s Medical Global Business Unit offers a unique combination of perioperative safety products to protect patients and healthcare professionals alike. Our innovative range of medical gloves and healthcare safety devices are designed to prevent allergic reactions, staff injuries in clinical settings, and medical errors.

Single Use Solutions: Ansell’s Single Use Global Business Unit manufactures and markets single-use hand protection solutions for  applications in a similarly wide-range of industries, with a particular focus on Life Sciences and Automotive Aftermarket.

Sexual Wellness Solutions: Ansell’s Sexual Wellness Global Business Unit group manufactures and markets 18 global, regional, and local brands of condoms and personal products. The division also takes part in the social health market, supplying major government and social organizations.
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Zimmer Biomet 及牙齒產業……DENTSPLY international (美股 XRAY)

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作者: Jamy    時間: 2017-11-28 05:09

新的盈再表(171130)抓不到 St Jude Medical (NYSE: STJ) and Uroplasty (NASDAQ:UPI),

作者: kaka    時間: 2017-11-28 18:01

這兩個公司已經被其他公司合併了,同學可用 wiki 英文版網站及google 網站查詢。
作者: 蔚藍    時間: 2017-12-2 21:56


作者: kaka    時間: 2017-12-2 22:25


台股: 1733 , 4163,4103,4106,4175,4116



作者: kaka    時間: 2017-12-2 23:54


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作者: kaka    時間: 2017-12-17 20:22

Align Technology 牙齒矯正

作者: kaka    時間: 2018-2-24 20:27

台股..醫材股..杏昌(台股 1788)

營收比重人工腎臟, 迴路管類49.76%、紅血球生成素, 藥水類31.69%、其他12.93%、洗腎機, 維修保養類5.62% (2016年)

杏昌生技(股)公司成立於1989年,初期專注在日本 TORAY血液透析產品銷售,之後於1996年開始朝多品牌、多角化經營範圍已橫跨腎臟科、心臟內外科、放射科、整形外科、牙科、呼吸胸腔科、新陳代謝科、血液淨化、重症加護醫療、長期居家照護及營養食品等領域;另除產品供應外,垂直整合洗腎中心管理,同時投入居家照護服務,更向上游發展跨入醫材生產製造,提供全面性的服務,成為專業醫療儀器設備與耗材供應商。


一、洗腎機、熱消RO機及血液透析耗材相關 項目的銷售與服務
四、一般牙科,人工植牙材料與口腔保健產品 銷售與服務

作者: kaka    時間: 2018-2-24 20:44

台股..醫材股...百略(台股 4103)
營收比重數位血壓量測系統37.17%、綠色環保產品32.35%、數位體溫量測系統24.43%、其他6.05% (2016年)







作者: kaka    時間: 2018-2-24 21:01

台股..醫材股..鐿鈦(台股 4163)

營收比重醫療器材62.48%、精密扣件24.48%、微波開關13.03% (2016年)

鐿鈦科技股份有限公司創立於2004年, 於2012年11月在證券櫃檯買賣中心掛牌上櫃

鐿鈦科技為專業醫療器材產品之製造商, 營運總部位於台中市精密機械科技創新園區。      

鐿鈦科技早年以生產製造精密扣件起家,藉由多年技術的扎根,已逐步轉型為高端精密金屬產品製造;目前專注於醫療器材產品製造,擁有多年替國際級醫療大廠代工之經驗及技術,為國內微創 手術器械關鍵零組件之先驅。        


鐿鈦科技為醫療器材用精密金屬零件之專業製造商,主要產品為開腹式及內視鏡腹腔手術器械零件(如:直線型切刀、微創手術打洞刀具…等)、開腹手術器械零件(如:釘針彈片、縫合器底座、拔釘器、切刀吻合器…等)脊椎釘、骨釘、骨板、牙科植牙用植體及其周邊產品等。其中又以內視鏡腹腔手術(或稱微創外科手術 minimally invasive surgery)相關器械之精密金屬零組件為本公司近年來主要營業商品項目。





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台股..醫材股..五鼎(台股 1733)

營收比重測試片52.10%、電極檢測片27.45%、測試儀套件16.71%、其他3.74% (2016年)





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台股..醫材股..佳醫(台股 4104)

營收比重外科耗材18.35%、人工腎臟, 血液迴路管, 穿刺針17.82%、藥品17.57%、其他15.70%、紅血球生成素, 藥水, 藥粉11.00%、醫學美容耗材及零件10.41%、醫學美容設備5.72%、醫療設備1.69%、血袋0.88%、家電產品0.86% (2016年)

中文名稱: 佳醫健康事業股份有限公司

英文名稱: Excelsior Medical Co., Ltd.

公司地址: 新北市中和區中正路880號 17樓
公司電話: +886-2-2225-1888
公司傳真: +886-2-2225-8117

創立日期: 1988年3月15日

資 本 額: 新台幣1,217,805,600元(105年02月變更)

事業內容: 醫療生技保健相關產品通路商

國外營業據點: 中國上海 、菲律賓馬尼拉

關係企業: 佳特健康事業股份有限公司、詠鈊股份有限公司、             曜亞國際股份有限公司、 集康國際股份有限公司、久裕企業股份有限公司、視捷光學股份有限公司、佳愛股份有限公司、朝盈股份有限公司、佳醫美人股份有限公司

海外事業: 國藥控股煜嘉投資有限公司、曜亞國際(香港)有限公司、EG Healthcare, Inc.(菲律賓)、Asia Best Healthcare Co., Ltd.、Excelsior Renal Service Co., Limited

健康家電館: 營業據點

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pdco 合格
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泰爾茂 Terumo  醫療設備

Terumo Corporation (Ъюх株式会社 Terumo Kabushiki-gaisha) was founded in 1921 as Sekisen Ken-onki Corporation by a group of medical scientists led by Dr. Kitasato Shibasaburō to produce medical thermometers in Japan.

The company's first product was "Jintan Taionkei", the first Japanese-made thermometer available for sale, and it has since expanded into a medical devices manufacturer, producing medical disposables, cardiovascular systems and diabetes care products.

In 1971, Terumo opened its first overseas office in the United States. Since then, the company has established subsidiaries in Europe (1971), South America, China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia. The company later expanded its product range to include coronary stentsand catheters, and acquired, among others, the cardiovascular specialty companies Vascutek and Microvention in 2002 and 2006 respectively.

Public KK
TYO: 4543
Nikkei 225 Component
Medical equipment
September 17, 1921
44-1, 2-chome, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0072, Japan
Koji Nakao, (CEO and Chairman)
Yutaro Shintaku, (President)

$ 4.27 billion (FY 2012)
(¥ 402.294 billion) (FY 2012)
$ 500.01 million (FY 2012)
(¥ 47.01 billion) (FY 2012)
19,261 (consolidated) (as of September 30, 2013)
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems, Corp.
Vascutek Ltd.
Microvention Inc.
Official website
Footnotes / references

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費森尤斯醫療  Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA  ( 德股 FME )

費森尤斯醫療服務股份兩合公司(德語:Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA),簡稱費森尤斯醫療,是一家德國透析設備及透析服務供應商,產品主要用於救助慢性或急性腎功能衰竭。該公司是費森尤斯集團子公司,後者持有費森尤斯醫療36%的股票,並擁有過半數表決權[3]。自1999年9月20日起費森尤斯醫療成為德國DAX指數的成分公司。



Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA
73450 (2010年)[1]

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島津製作所 Shimadzu Corporation (日股  7701 )  醫療儀器  , 工業設備,分析,測量儀器

Shimadzu Corporation (株式会社 島津製作所 Kabushiki-gaisha Shimadzu Seisakusho) is a Japanese public KK company, manufacturing precision instruments, measuring instruments and medical equipment, based in Kyoto, Japan. It was established in 1875.[3] The American arm of the company, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, was founded in 1975.[4]

(日文:株式会社 島津製作所、Shimadzu Corporation)是在日本的設備製造公司,成立於1875年,總部位於京都市[3],主要產品包括:
  • 分析、量測儀器
  • 醫療用儀器
  • 工業設備
  • 航空設備







  1. 移至^ 2017年3月期決算說明會資料 (PDF). 島津製作所. 2017-05-12 [2017-09-21] (日語).
  2. 移至^ 島津ярみЬ2017 (PDF). 島津製作所. [2017-09-22] (日語).
  3. 移至^ 陳永吉. 研發治癌藥 上毅與島津製作所結盟. 自由時報. 2017-02-16 [2017-09-21].
  4. 移至^ 會社案內 - 沿革. 島津製作所. [2017-09-21] (日語).


日本專業信託銀行信託戶(5.86%)[2] CorporationNative name
Traded asIndustryFoundedFounderHeadquartersArea served
Key people
ProductsRevenueNet income
Number of employees

株式会社 島津製作所
Public KK
TYO: 7701
OSE: 7701
Precision Instruments
Kyoto, Japan (1875)
Genzo Shimadzu
1, Nishinokyo-Kuwabara-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8511, Japan
Akira Nakamoto, (CEO and President)
Scientific, medical , aircraft and industrial instruments
$ 2.8 billion (FY 2012)
(¥ 264.048 billion) (FY 2012)
$ 80.6 million (FY 2012)
(¥ 7.578 billion) (FY 2012)
10,395 (as of March 31, 2013)
Official website
Footnotes / references

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Siemens Healthineers  西門子醫療 (德股 SHL )  醫療設備

Siemens Healthineers (formerly Siemens Healthcare, Siemens Medical Solutions, Siemens Medical Systems) is a medical technology company and is headquartered in Erlangen, Germany. The company dates its early beginnings in 1847 to a small family business in Berlin, co-founded by Werner von Siemens. Siemens Healthineers is connected to the larger corporation, Siemens AG. The name Siemens Medical Solutions was adopted in 2001, and the change to Siemens Healthcare was made in 2008. In 2015, Siemens named Bernd Montag as its new global CEO.[1][2] In May 2016, Siemens Healthcare was renamed "Siemens Healthineers."[3][4][5] Globally the company has 45,000 employees,[6] most of them in Germany (comparing to 46,000 at GE Healthcare and 33,000 at Philips Healthcare) and 17.2 billion US-$ sales in 2007 (16.997 billion US-$ for GE).

Siemens Healthineers AG

Traded asISINIndustryFoundedFounderHeadquartersArea served
Key people
ProductsNumber of employees
12 October 1847; 171 years ago
Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia
Werner von Siemens
Erlangen, Germany
Bernd Montag (CEO) Jochen Schmitz (CFO)
Angiography and Interventional X-ray Systems
Computed Tomography
Radiation Oncology
Laboratory Diagnostics
Molecular Diagnostics
Molecular Imaging
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Refurbished Systems
Syngo Imaging Software
X-ray Products
45,000 (2016)
Siemens AG

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1.Sonova Holding AG (CH:SOON / ADR:SONVY),本篇#9
2.Oticon / William Demant Holding (DK:WDH / ADR:WILYY),本篇#13
3.Signia (formerly Siemens)
4.ReSound (GN Group) (DK:GN / ADR:GNNDY)
5.Starkey (未上市)
6.Widex / Sivantos  (未上市)

The GN Group is a global leader in intelligent audio solutions that let you hear more,
do more and be more than you ever thought possible.

Our unique portfolio of medical, professional & consumer audio solutions – and the
deep research & development expertise behind this range of products gives our brands
unprecedented advantages in the med-tech, hearables and intelligent audio field.

Cochlear Limited (AU:COH / ADR:CHEOY)
Cochlear is a medical device company that designs, manufactures and supplies the Nucleus
cochlear implant, the Hybrid electro-acoustic implant and the Baha bone conduction implant.
Based in Sydney, Cochlear was formed in 1981 with finance from the Australian government to
commercialise the implants pioneered by Dr Graeme Clark. Today, the company holds
over two-thirds of the worldwide hearing implant market, with more than 250,000 people
receiving one of Cochlear's implants since 1982.

Cochlear was named Australia's most innovative company in 2002 and 2003, and one of the
most innovative companies by Forbes in 2011.

Amplifon SpA (IT:AMP / ADR:AMPFY)
Amplifon SpA is an Italian company, based in Milan, and the world's largest hearing aid retailer.
The company was founded by Algernon Charles Holland, who went to Italy in 1944 as part of the
British Army, and started the company after the war,in Milan in 1950.

As of August 2018, the share price has risen nearly 1,000% since its IPO.
The chairman is Susan Carol Holland, daughter of Algernon, who owns 44.9% of Amplifon
through her family's holding company.

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軟質隱形眼鏡:硬質隱形眼鏡營收市佔比約: 90:10

1.Johnson &Johnson (US:JNJ),全球市佔:41%
2.Alcon / Novartis (US:NVS),全球市佔:24%
3.Cooper Companies (US:COO),全球市佔:23%
4.Bausch + Lomb / Bausch Health (US:BHC),全球市佔:8%


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小弟公司用的安全帽就是MSA Safety公司的,價格還挺高的,

Halma plc is a group of technology companies that makes products for hazard detection and life
protection. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

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